We are working hard for more people to recover from the COVID-19 infection

The COVID-19 has brought a lot of sequelae, and the lung damage is irreversible, which will bring a continuous health threat to a huge number of infected people.

Our team began to develop medical-grade thermal film flow sensors in 2019. In the beginning, the goal was to use the device to help COPD patients with rehabilitation training. However, with the rapid spread of COVID-19 in 2020, we found that breathing training has an impact on COVID-19 recovery. Breathing training can improve lung function and help relieve chest tightness, shortness of breath and other problems. At the same time, maintaining good breathing training can also reduce the chance of complications. This will help a lot of people.


In order to make the device convenient for users to use at multiple points of the day, we have made the size of the breathing exerciser easy to carry. Thanks to our thermal film flow chip, which is only in half the size of a fingernail. Compared with a traditional breathing exerciser, there is no longer need to use a big air blocking parts, and the size of the device is reduced to enough to fit in a pocket.

The size is small enough, we also need to ensure that the accuracy of the device is accurate enough. For this reason, we set the American Thoracic Society (ATS) medical device standard as the goal. After few months of trial and error, we finally controlled the accuracy to Range: 200 SLM +-2%, which is higher than the 3% accuracy required by the ATS. This also means that our accuracy is better than most medical respiratory equipment.


Considering that most of the existing breathing training equipment is based on physical principles, automatic data collection and analysis cannot be carried out, especially when used at home, if you want to know the results of each breathing training and the changes in your body, it will be very difficult.

We make device more intelligent. In addition to using LED lights to display real-time breathing state data,the data collected during each breathing exercise will be synchronized to your smart device, you can clearly understand the results of each breathing exercise and the changes in different periods. It’s also allows doctors to better understand the improvement of each patient’s breathing, which is helpful for diagnosis.

Now our Portable Smart Breath Exerciser is in clinical cooperation with more hospitals and rehabilitation institutions, hoping to better help patients recover. —— Light&Move Tech

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