New Pro version, get more accurate data.

New oriori Grip training ball Pro, suitable for users with professional data testing requirements, more accurate data measurement, at the same time, it has the functions of intelligent data recording and data analysis that cannot be completed by traditional professional equipment.

The Pro version contains three upgrades: a new ultra-high-precision pressure sensor, data deviation algorithm, and internal structure optimization.

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Using the Grip training ball Pro version and Baseline 12-0241 for measurement accuracy test, the results show that the data results are very close in the five-group test in a single person.

oriori Grip training ball is in clinical cooperation with medical institutions. this is a smart hand grip training ball that can accurately record the user’s every grip strength data and set grip strength goals. Able to cooperate with the doctor's advice to allow patients to plan grip strength training.

At present, the diseases that we know can help improve include: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, gradual freezing disease, stroke, and rehabilitation after PICC Line, reducing the appearance of symptoms such as blood clots.

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