What is the most accurate smart scale?

Light&Move Tech has launched a brand new smart scale, they called it smart scale 2.0

This one, makes all other smart scales look worthless

This is a new Light&Move smart scale. its truly incredible part is the measurement of body data. The accuracy rate is almost the same as that of the professional human body analyzers we use in hospital or fitness center, it can detect up to 40 body data. it matches the truly data as close as 97%, can accurately measure your bust, waist, and hip circumference, that’s something you have never seen before.

The technological revolution of smart scales

The body fat scales currently on the market use the traditional two-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) as the detection method, which is almost inaccurate.

Light&Move Tech using exclusive technology of three-frequency BIA and 3D human body modeling, improve the accuracy to the data level of a professional human body analyzer, it will be a revolution in smart scales.

The first smart scale can measure Bust, Waist, and Hip

In the test, the most incredible thing is that the body circumference data measured by this body fat scale is almost the same as the data measured with a ruler. This is completely beyond your imagination. I guarantee, you have never seens such a smart scale like this.

The smallest deviation is only 0.2%, which makes it impossible to doubt the credibility of these data. When you see these data truly displayed on your phone, you know, it is, its the real data of your body composition.

Professional report of 40 items

It can detect the body’s total water, protein, inorganic salt, body fat, muscle mass, body weight, skeletal muscle content, body fat percentage, BMI, segmental muscles, body circumference (neck, chest, waist, hip, right upper arm, left upper arm, right thigh, left thigh), muscle balance (left upper limb, left lower limb, right upper limb, right lower limb, trunk), body type examination, segmental fat analysis, visceral fat, and more than 40 data.


If you are a fitness enthusiast, or you are very concerned about your body situation, this will be an explosive big news. You can perform accurate body data measurement at home in the future. You can monitor your real physical condition every day, and throw away the false body fat scale.

It is reported that the Light&Move smart scale is currently in production, and I believe it will be available for purchase very soon. you can follow them to know about the latest of this revolutionary smart scale on https://lightmove.shop/